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Controlvoltage, Midicontroller, Modularsynth, Expressivee, Synthesizer

Had a lot of fun putting the @expressive_e Touch through its paces. What I appreciated most was how it allowed me to start coaxing new sounds I hadn't heard at all, out of an old set -.#Repost @c74connectIn last weeks newsletter, Tom sat down with the @ex - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Modularsynthesi, Expertsleepers, Modularsynth, Synthesizer

@expertsleepers 'General CV' is out today!! - a very versatile sound source (& much more) here is basic sequencing of notes & chord progressions. All sounds from the General -..#eurorack #modularsynthesis #modularsynth #expertsleepers #synth #synthesizer - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Expertsleepers, Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Electronic

@expertsleepers General CV modular - ver very far from General, very excited to dig into this further - midi/cv chord generator with arps, drums and more & it teams nicely with random cv from @fraptools Sapel -..#eurorack #modularsynth #expertsleepers # - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Mutableinstrume, Modalsynthesis, Modularsynth, Abletonlive

Mutable Instruments Rings - takes a new form as Mutated Resonator in Max for Live form, courtesy of @timorozendal (not yet released - stay tuned) utilizing & building the Rings code directly into a dedicated Max external -..#maxforlive #ableton #abletonli - Instagram

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