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Evolutionfilter, Rossumelectro, Eurorack, Synth Chris Meyer at Learning Modular has produced a series of four great videos covering the features and capabilities of the Evolution Variable Character Ladder Filter.Heres a link to a playlist of all four videos: - Instagram
Rossumelectro, Eurorack, Morpheus Heres a great, in depth, review of Morpheus from Thilo Goldschmitz at translated (into English) version here: - Instagram
Amazona translated (into English) version here: eurorack rossumelectro morpheus ... more
Rossumelectro, Controlforge, Eurorack, Synth Were happy to announce the release of new firmware for Control Forge! In addition to providing OLED brightness control and a programmable screensaver, it adds a new Tempo Mode that lets you specify each segments length in musical note values relative to a - Instagram
Rossumelectro, Satellite, Eurorack, Synth We're happy to announce that the Satellite Universal CV Generator will begin shipping to our dealers next week. If you want learn all about it, we've uploaded the manual to our site. #sat - Instagram
Rossumelectro, Synthesizer, Eurorack, Morpheus, Filter Were happy to announce that after a bit of a dry spell, Morpheuses are once again heading out to our dealers in substantial quantities. Frankly, we were surprised (pleasantly so, of course) at how fast the first build sold out. We did our best to expedite - Instagram