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Moogfest2017, Eurorack, Mother32, Manybpm, Synths

The Synth Library loved being at @moogfest and we are honored to have co-presented workshops with @russellelbutler and @moormother . Here is a pic of Russell bringing it really hard to start everything off right. THANKS EVERYONE! #moogfest2017 #mother32 # - Instagram

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Modularmarketpl, Modularsynth, Moogfest2017, Eurorack, Emu

MOOGFEST Modular Marketplace announcement! Dave from @rossumelectro will be on hand at our table for the next hour demoing not one but two of their new Satellite modules. Come by for a hands on personal demo!#moogfest2017 #modularmarketplace #modularsynth - Instagram

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