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Lofi Eurorack synthesizer modules centered around trigger-able events. Located in Portland, Oregon USA

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Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY

Thank you so much @sparkfun for your generous contribution of 5 hakko soldering stations for or new DIY synth HQ at the @s1portland @synthlibrary !!!! We have lots of awesome workshops coming up that we plan on having much more frequently with this massiv - Instagram

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#Repost @detroitmodular (@get_repost)Moffenzeef Mito Now Available! -Mito is a 6 channel poly-rhythm sequencer #moffenzeefmodular #mito #moffenzeef #sequencer #eurorack #eurorackmodular #modularsynth #detroitmodular #swingmachine #bipolar #hotmoves @moffe - Instagram

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