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Eurorackmodular, Mutableinstrume, Dominantdrums, Matrixbrute, Fingerdrum

Ken Flux getting funky playin steps by hand! #Repost @flux302 with @repostappYou can't #fingerdrum on to many #eurorackmodular #sequencer out there today, luckily the @zetaohm #fluxus1 is an exception to that rule @arturia_official #matrixbrute providing - Instagram

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Arturiamatrixbr, Eurorackmodular, Mutableinstrume, Matrixbrute, Eurorack

The first matrixbrute take! Sick looking in the shop and a great sound. A simple first take with mutable rings and the matrixbrute. Thumbs up so far! Matrix brute is in stock! #matrixbrute #arturiamatrixbrute #eurorack #eurorackmodular #mutableinstruments - Instagram

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