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Synthesizer nut. Photography. Sci-Fi. Arcade and pinball nut. lowgain Facebook

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Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY

FS: BEMI 208 $2000 OBO. It's in great condition. Would appear I'm missing a Rogan knob pretty sure I have one somewhere. Some info about this... it has a modulation problem in the oscillator (sounds like consistent modulation. As though perhaps a cap that - Instagram

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Basementworksho, Humancnc, Progress

So glad we're investing in a CNC this year! Whipping up a batch of UTL's for the ever so patient @perfectcircuitaudio !!! The move to Milwaukee had me out of commission longer than I had hoped. Back up and running though!! #progress #basementworkshop #hum - Instagram

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Akais950, Akai

I wish my phone could handle how beautiful this new black/yellow OLED prototype looks on my S950... time to order more and make them available... here's a "side by side" to show a stock display vs the new OLED. still need to test on the Microwave 2. #a - Instagram

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