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Eurorack Buchla SDIY Serge Lowgainelectron Modularsynth LowGain Programmablecom Synthesizers 259r Complexoscillat Sdiy
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Synthesizer nut. Photography. Sci-Fi. Arcade and pinball nut. lowgain Facebook
Eurorackmodular, Lowgainelectron, Mutableinstrume, Steadystatefate, Synthesistechno Getting the band back together. The modules have just been sitting on my dining room table for weeks. Time to get to some videos! #eurorack #mutableinstruments #makenoise #makenoisemusic #synthesistechnology #wmdevices #steadystatefate #sonicpotions #lowg - Instagram
Morphagene, Eurorack I've been asked if I still Euro... yup. Stripped down to two voices and dual sequencing. Chronoblob and Clouds are in the works. Prob add the new @makenoisemusic #morphagene to the mix for some sample mangling. Will expand once the new modules move into p - Instagram
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