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Intellijel Designs Inc. manufacture electronic musical instruments including an extensive line of eurorack format modularsynth synthesizers
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Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY
A little jam using the Acidlab Miami (TR-808 clone) being processed Springray reverb and then jellysquasher compressor module. Kick drum from Miami is split so that it is mixed in dry and also used to side chain. The chords come from Shapeshifter being processed by polaris, rainmaker, springray and then the jellysquasher too. Bass line is from the Atlantis being sequenced by Metropolis and slaved to the Miami accent out.
intellijel jellysquasher dub - Youtube
Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY
In this video we explore all the different filter modes of the intellijel Polaris multimode filter. What you hear is the raw sound of the filter without any additional effects or processing. The audio source is a Dixie II+ VCO.
Intellijel Polaris - Youtube
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