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Musician, Composer,Photographer, Dozer,Lover Of Beauty,Purveyor Of Stupidity,Gives Helping Hands,Lost In These Lands.

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Pedalboardpower, Strymonojair30, Strymonojai

MOAR pedals means MOAR power needed! A week after I bought a second @strymonengineering Ojai they "pulled a fast one on me" and came out with a new version! Well, I wasn't going to let them get away with that so I bought the new version too! #pedalboa - Instagram

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Carolineguitarc, Carolinemeteore, Mellotronfactor, Tcelectronicalt, Walrusaudiojuli

Some quick playtime with my @mellotronfactory M4000D Micro through a thick soup of effects pedals to warm me up on this chilly morning. #mellotron #mellotronmicro #mellotronfactory #carolineguitarco #carolineguitarcompany #carolinemeteore #walrusaudio #w - Instagram

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Waterfilters, Waterfilter, Lifestraw

With all the terrible natural disasters happening in North America lately I've been thinking I should get a small survival kit together. Looking on Amazon for items I was amused with this question about a water filter and someone's answer. #waterfilter # - Instagram

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Eurorackmodular, Modularsynthesi, Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, Powersupply

OK, finally "done" with the power mods to my eurorack briefcase. I'll need to revisit it at some point because the underside needs to be better insulated and I couldn't get the lasting two screws to tighten down but I couldn't take the aggravation any - Instagram

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Fedexhomedelive, Hownottoship

I got this rack mount vent panel a while ago and I was shocked that the seller just attached a label to the plastic bag it comes in and sent it out! Kudos to FedEx Home Delivery (and USPS) for handling it with great care! I'm surprised that it only suffe - Instagram

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Modularsequence, Modularsynth, Modularcase, 5umodular, Mumodular

OK, just one last change and then I'm done! I removed the Moon 526 mixer, which I love, and put the excellent @corsynth C103 Frequency Divider/Multiplier in its place. The mixer was great to have but I needed something to beef up my new single VCO voice - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Modularsequence, Modularsynthesi, Synthesizersdot, Syntheticsoundl

I finally got around to installing my new Synthetic Sound Labs VCO and E.G./VCA into my DotCom portable cabinet so now I can have two separate voices going at the same time. #modularsynth #5umodular #mumodular #modularsequence #modularsynthesizer #synthe - Instagram

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Guitarpedalboar, Effectspedals, Pedalboard, Diy

My vertical spanner plates work well on my @pedaltrain Novo 24, the pedal is nice and solid feeling. The cabling is a puzzle nightmare though. I probably should have bought those fancy low profile non-solder plugs and cable but I consider this to be a te - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Eurorackmodular, Modularsequence, Modularsynthesi, Stepsequencer

Another quick test of the @twohpmodular Delay and @intellijel SpringRay, this time with a typical synth sequence featuring mostly @mmmodsynth designed modules from @division6labs and @synthrotek #eurorackmodular #modularsequence #modularsynth #modularsyn - Instagram

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Eurorackmodular, Springreverbtan, Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, Springreverb

Accutronics spring tanks mounted in my eurorack table case for the @intellijel SpringRay reverb module. I was going to put the large tank inside but it wouldn't fit to I put the medium and small tanks inside and then I'll use the large tank externally. #e - Instagram

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