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Encoreelectroni, Modularsynthesi, Mutableinstrume, Synthsizersdotc, Grpsynthesizer Well I'll be damned, everything fit and everything seems to work! No, heat, smoke or flames! #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #5umodular #mumodular #synthsizersdotcom #modcan #modcanbseries #motmmodular #encoreelectronics #freestatefx #mutableinstruments - Instagram
Encoreelectroni, Geekinsideonsun, Modularsynthesi, Mutableinstrume, Synthsizersdotc The Pacific Northwest USA is notoriously know for having lots of clouds and rain so what are all the cool kids doing on one of the warmest and sunniest days of the year?? THEY ARE INSIDE WITH THE SHADES DRAWN WORKING ON MODULAR SYNTHS!!! Am I right? Hig - Instagram
Modularsynthesi, Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, 4mscompany, Patchwerks While yesterday's haul was a partial busy (the Erica Synths skiff arrived with the power brick missing and the internal power supply fried! ) today has been a good day! Besides the sweet little Mellotron, I drove up to the Patch-Werks store in Seattle an - Instagram
Modularsynth, 5umodular, Modcan, Sdiy I made two Modcan B modules more "skiffable" tonight my adding right angle supports between the side of the panels and the PCBs. I have a very shallow case I want to put these in and now they will just barely work! #modularsynth #5umodular #modcan #sdi - Instagram
Eurorackmodular, Korgmicrostatio, Modularsequence, Mutableinstrume, Steadystatefate A patch I had up for a while on a small eurorack Modular, tweaked it a bit and added in a little 5U Modular and Korg keyboard. #modularsynth #electronica #electonicmusic #modularsequence #eurorackmodular #synthesizer #synthesistechnology #moonmodular #doe - Instagram
Modularsynthesi, Oakleysoundsyst, Synthsizersdotc, Grpsynthesizer, Modularsynth Yeah! It works! Well, at least all der blinkin' lites work, and that's the most important part! I have a couple module modifications to do still but those can wait, time for an audio test! #modularsynth #grpr24 #grpsynthesizer #moslab #synthsizersdotcom - Instagram
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