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Eurorackmodular, Mutableinstrume, Modularsynth, Hexinverter, Losangeles

A little bit of Hexinverter history at Analogue Haven old skool banner/name from the early days!New modules in the case though Thanks for the cool shot @erreopeo #eurorackmodular#eurorack #modularsynth ... AnalogueHaven #eurorack #doepfer #losangeles # - Instagram

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Modularsynths, Modulartechno, Mutantmodular, Hexinverter, Mutantdrums

We are pleased to show you the first in a video series showcasing live, uncut #eurorack #modular #synthesizer performances from talented electronic artists: MUTANT MODULAR!In this release, MM001, we feature an exclusive set of dark, atmospheric #techno fr - Instagram

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Darkmodularcase, Noiseengineerin, Cursusiteritas, Blackambient, Modularsynth

@Regrann from @theilluminaire - Cursus Iteritas x Black OctasourceThis short loop is a single @noiseeng Cursus Iteritas being modulated by six of eight outputs of the @ericasynths Black Octasource. The only parameters not being modulated are those that ch - Instagram

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Modularsynthesi, Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Eurocrack, Eurorack

Making some patch examples tutorial videos and this is one of them. Using transpose, and scale to create modulated chord shapes up and down the keyboard with out using inversions. @malekkoheavyindustry voltage block is a big part of this one! #modularsynt - Instagram

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