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Synths with passion. Made in Latvia.

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Moogmother32, Eurorack, Modular, Picovco, Vco

On today's menu: testing our new Pico MScale module. It makes a friendship between the Pico VCO (and other VCOs & sequencers with 0 to +10V for 1V/Oct) and the Moog Mother 32 (and other mates with -5 to +5V for 1 V/Oct) much stronger! #modular #eurorack - Instagram

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Modularsynth, Ericasynth, Studiolife, Eurorack, Modular

#Repost @jeanmicheljarreToday Id like to talk about one of my latest & favorite toys, the @ericasynths modules I selected for my Eurorack ! Short demo, endless possibilities, maximum fun ! Episode 1 of 4 #ericasynth #eurorack #gear #studio #studiolife #m - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Eurorackmodular, Modularsynth, Ericafusion, Combfilter

#Repost @voyagergoldenAfter nearly a year, my Black Drone rack is finished. A collection of Erica Synths Fusion, Black and Pico modules with a guest appearance by the 2HP Comb filter. Case by Pittsburgh Modular. Time to launch! @ericasynths @twohpmodular - Instagram

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