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Intelligent machines for musical experimentation

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Eurorack, Eowave, Repost

#Repost @rhythmdialtechnoWhen you get a chance encounter with a French module before it goes to Bangkok to live with a British guy who makes techno for the entire galaxy, that is a good day. #eowave #eurorack and now I definitely want this and a domino to - Instagram

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Rocketshipajax, Modularsynth, Eurorack, Repost, KRPLS

#Repost @detroitunderground DU #KRPLS #Repost @rocketshipajaxTrying to drive the last of the rains away with some modular techno. #rocketshipajax #modularsynth #eurorack @eowave_modular Domino, @detroitunderground KRPLS, and @ericasynths Pico Drums gettin - Instagram

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#Repost @ruiner.gerald.fjordDon't know what I'm doing yet but this @eowave_modular Ribbon 2 does waaay more than I thought. Here it is plugged into the mod trig cv of the @folktek Matter with the dust module installed and a backing track with Elements goi - Instagram

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BenedikteEsperi, OnyxKulturprodu, VstraGtalandsre, FertileGround, SebastianRuiz

#Repost @chablasco Packing some toys to bring tomorrow to NewCastle, North East England. I'll be there for a week with #NonTopia at @fertileground_dance and #DanceCity, working for #VORTEX performance with @benedikteesperi and @ninocobre ...#ChaBlasco #Be - Instagram

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