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We make noise devices!

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Tapsandtalons, Wesleyfarmboy, Watchmewhip, Astralwhip, Dronething

Craft Beer & pedals! #Repost @bhbbrickbrew (@get_repost)We are out @sweetbriarnaturecenter for #tapsandtalons joined by our friends @electro_faustus Noise Devices with some Disruptors on display, as well as a #disruptor on tap! #ptownpride #astralwhip #wa - Instagram

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Itsallinthehips, Watchmenaenae, Wesleyfarmboy, Watchmewhip, Astralwhip

#Repost @paulefingaz (@get_repost)My friends are just too damn amazing. So happy to have #wesleyfarmboy immortalized on this #astralwhip , a birthday gift from the amazing @electro_faustus and @fuzzrocious crew. Words can't event express how this makes me - Instagram

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Aplacetoburystr, Electrofaustus, Buddhamachine, Deathbyaudio, Strangepeace

Eclectronica #Repost @motherecho Mail Delivery Day On Point !!! Thanks @subpop @metz_theband @deathbyaudioeffects @aptbs @electro_faustus ... #strangepeace #metz #subpop #fm3 #buddhamachine #philipglass #deathbyaudio #aplacetoburystrangers #echomaster #el - Instagram

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Dualoscillator, Kenburns, Vietnam, Pbs

Ok, so I'm watching the new Vietnam War documentary on PBS. Episode 4 begins with a little monologue and then dissolves into some weird electronic music. It sounds just like our Dual Oscillator. I've made those swooping noises myself, so it's got to be. W - Instagram

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Guitarpedals, Labordaysale, Distracted, Dronething, Pedalgram

Thank you for making the Drone Thing the most popular pedal in our line up! We just sold #1000 and we couldn't be happier. But some of our other pedals are getting jealous. They just can't handle all the attention the Drone Thing is getting. So we've deci - Instagram

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