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Control Voltage is a music instrument shop in Portland, OR specializing in analog & digital synthesizers, modular synths, MIDI & DIY stuff. Hello!

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Electronicmusic, Womeninsynthesi

One night only, Portland. Tonight!!!! "A Life In Waves" documentary exploring the life of electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani, is tonight at The Clinton St Theater (2522 SE Clinton St 97202). With a live performance by @josepailo on his Buchla system - Instagram

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Analogdelay, Mf104m

We were just told by Moog Music Inc. that theyre able to produce a very small quantity of their much loved MF-104M Analog Delay Moogerfooger, due by the end of this October. So... if you're looking for one we've opened up preorders, first come first serve - Instagram

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Digitalsynth, Modularsynth, Analogsynth, Morphagene, Eurorack

This Friday, live at CV : #Repost @rodent516Readying for @moogsynthesizers demos at @controlvoltage @patchworksynthesizers next weekend. Thank you MOOG!!! I'll be bringing this system to compliment my #mother32 as you can hear it works quite nice with the - Instagram

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Morethanjustasy, Modularsynth, Synthshop, Eurorack

Pics from this week's "Getting Into Modular 2: Processors" clinic, the next one is this coming Wednesday at CV from 6-7pm, and will be on Modulation. Free, no rsvp required just come ready to learn #eurorack #modularsynth #synthshop #morethanjustasynths - Instagram

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Analogsynthesiz, Moogsynthesizer, Portlandoregon, Themoogsound, Analogsynth

Great condition Moog Minimoog Model D, original from the 70's, just serviced, fully calibrated and up for sale, stop by CV to demo #moogmusic #bobmoog #themoogsound #moogsynthesizer #analogsynthesizer #analogsynth #synthshop #portlandoregon - Instagram

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Morethanjustasy, Sametimesamepla, Modularsynth, Synthshop, Eurorack

From tonight's 'Getting Into Modular' Class 1/Sound Sources: a great turnout, serious thanks to Joe for all the info and of course everybody that came out, see you next week. #sametimesameplace #modularsynth #eurorack #synthshop #morethanjustasynthshop - Instagram

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Morethanjustasy, Portlandoregon, Modularsynth, Synthshop, Eurorack

Come over to Control Voltage this Saturday, September 9th and check out the latest from 4ms Company: the STS (Stereo Triggered Sampler), preview the upcoming Tapographic Delay and get hands on with the forthcoming headphone/output module series. Presente - Instagram

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