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Thelastchaosdiv, Superbooth17, Booth273, Eurorack, Repost

if you are at #superbooth17 today, stop by the @oscillosaurus booth and find out how you can win #thelastchaosdivider#Repost @oscillosaurus with @repostappToday only! Win a Chaos Divider and Sputnik expander from @tsyklonlabs Come and see how at #superboo - Instagram

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Superbooth17, Competition, Booth273, Eurorack

One more big announcement before we see you in Berlin, our great comrade and honorary Australian from @tsyklonlabs will be with us on Saturday 22nd at #superbooth17 with a competition to win one of his fantastic Chaos Dividers & Sputnik Expander modules. - Instagram

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Nonlinearcircui, Superbooth17, Booth273, Eurorack

The most well known of the Friends joining us at #superbooth17 is #nonlinearcircuits ! Revered by many for their interesting and creative modules... we will have the brand new #eurorack Null-A synth voice in the rack, come and check it out #booth273 - Instagram

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