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Subzerofestival, Binarysociety, Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Makenoise

Thanks to my new friend @jijijijijijijiij for this post from the end of my set last Friday at Binary Society 08. Also, big thanks to @dirty_bill for the visuals and @binarysociety and @distco for the invite.....#eurorack #modular #synthesizer #modularsynt - Instagram

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Subzerofestival, Binarysociety, Cassettetape, Taperelease, Eurorack

dream'minus - Cassette Release is Live! || Also available at @controlvoltage in Pdx! Grab a tape at the @binarysociety 08 show at @subzerofestival Friday June 2nd! Thanks so much #eurorack #modular #taperelease #binarysociety #subzerofe - Instagram

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Subzerofestival, Binarysociety, Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Livesynths

Super pumped to be a part of Binary Society 08!#Repost @binarysociety We welcome Red Stripe Down from Chicago to the lineup for Binary Society 08 on Friday, June 2nd at the 10th Annual SubZERO Festival in DTSJ. Stay tuned for more announcements. #eurorack - Instagram

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