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Eurorack Modular Synthesizers, Noise Makers, and Effects Pedals. Oh, and sarcasm - but not pastries. Not even sarcastic pastries.

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if you are at #superbooth17 today, stop by the @oscillosaurus booth and find out how you can win #thelastchaosdivider#Repost @oscillosaurus with @repostappToday only! Win a Chaos Divider and Sputnik expander from @tsyklonlabs Come and see how at #superboo - Instagram

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#Repost @yurisnight with @repostappHappy Yuri's Night to all! We're celebrating 56 years of human spaceflight today! Bugn Yuri'nin Gecesi. Bugn 12 Nisan Dnya nsanl Uzay Uu Gn. 1961'de Vostok 1 ile uzaya giden Yuri Gagarin uzayda 108 dakika kald. #yurisnig - Instagram

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Did you miss out on the Chaos Divider HV? Does that make you sad? If you have 12-18HP of 1U space in your rack, then be ready to be sad no more!! Introducing the Redshift Clock Divider and Singularity expander tile. Coming soon from Tsyklon Labs!! - Instagram

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new module from my friends at @metzgertech - check it out!#Repost @metzgertech with @repostappArchimedes Kickstarter campaign has been launched! I really could use your help in getting the word out. Every share / repost is invaluable to me. This project - Instagram

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