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A sonic architect of modular environments. Works at Control Voltage.Performing: Volt Divers 3.11.17[ ]

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Morethanjustasy, Portlandoregon, Modularsynth, Synthshop, Eurorack

#Repost @controlvoltageCome over to Control Voltage Today!September 9th and check out the latest from @4ms_company -the STS (Stereo Triggered Sampler), preview the upcoming Tapographic Delay and get hands on with the forthcoming headphone/output module s - Instagram

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Morethanjustasy, Modularsynth, Synthshop, Eurorack, Repost

#Repost @controlvoltage "How do you get into modular synthesis?", you ask... Today's free Intro Class, Getting Into Modular, is on! Come one come all and learn the basics of sound sources, and rad stuff like wave-shaping, noise and feedback loops. Prese - Instagram

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