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Thee west coast synth shop. Established in 2002 in San Francisco CA. Bad Ass Modular Synthesizers, FX, Classes ?, Monthly Live modular performances!

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Rolandboutique, Rolandsh01a

First take arp in chord mode on the new Roland SH-01A boutique that we just cracked open. This is a fun little synth!This is in stock and pretty sick for $349. You can sequence, put it in poly mode and it's battery operated if u need it! #rolandsh01a #rol - Instagram

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Abletonlive, Ableton

Our popular Ableton live 101 class is on! This class will give you the most musically useful tools in 4 two hour classes starting on Tuesday September 12th at 7PM in our Lower Haight store location.Get your Ableton chops up to where they should be with th - Instagram

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Sanfrancisco, Fortfunston, Amhike

Pre work hike with the dogs. The ocean is like calm like a big lake. After the hottest days in the history of San Francisco -the last two days (107) - today is the day to play hookey - call in sick- hang out at the beach. Is this ok boss? The boss tells m - Instagram

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