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Modconvienna, Soldering, Eurorack, Modules, Kids #kids having fun #soldering soldering #eurorack #modules at #modconvienna - Instagram
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LukeJackman: This his great to see someone else teaching kids this skill. I have been teaching my 3 daughters and a couple of neighborhood kid how to solder and build Eurorack modules. Big thumbs up, keep teaching them and I will too.
captain: Hey @LukeJackman, welcome! I agree. I envy the things these kids are being exposed to. Can I ask what background you have? How're you teaching them? Based on some book or just your own personal knowledge or both or...?
Analogsynthesiz, Euroracksynthes, Modularsynthesi, Musicproduction, Euroracksynth #Repost @synth_anatomy with @repostappExperiments with the TouellSkouarn Sonveska Feedback Mixer @rawvoltage_vienna #jomox #drummachine #analogsynth#analog #analogsynthesizer #mixer #feedbackmixer #eurorack #euroracksynthesizer #euroracksynth #experimenta - Instagram
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