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PittsburghModular, Interview, Lifeforms, Eurorack, Lawrenceville

Pittsburgh Modular, Interview, Lifeforms, Eurorack, Lawrenceville

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PittsburghModular, Eurorackmodular, Modularsynthesi, Makenoisemaths, Modularsynth

#Repost @filetransferprotocol with @repostappnnThe system is coming together. Bell tones courtesy of @ericasynths Pico VCO backed up by Braids. The really harsh synth tones coming from @pghmodular LifeForms sv-1, DNA Symbiotic Waves and Synth Box filter - Instagram

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PittsburghModular, Mutableinstrume, Makenoisemusic, Modularsynth, Hexinverter

the modulation options on this allow it to offer way more than I expected tides using sheep firmware into the dynamic impulse filter and out through the space pedal modulated by maths and orbitals clocked by tempi #eurorack #modularsynth #synthesizer #mu - Instagram

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