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Modularsynth, Eurorack Made a pseudo rungler with the dual digital shift register. By patching channels 1 & 4 of maths to the clock input and data in the left channel and feeding back the cv output into channels 2 & 3 for attenuation and then to 1 & 4. Channels 1 & 4 are also p - Instagram
Modularsynth, Eurorack My new favorite thing to do with the dual digital shift register is to look four note loops using the mute function on tempi for the data inputs. When a bit reaches the fourth stage of the ddsr it is xor'd with the incoming data input. With nothing presen - Instagram
Modularsynth, Eurorack, Synthdiy Upcoming omiindustriies modules; Dual Digital Shift Register, Quad Logic, and Dual Digital Data Storage. The DDSR will be available as a diy project in the next week or so. A production run will follow. #eurorack #modularsynth #synthdiy - Instagram