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Electronicmusic, Electricguitar, Effectspedals, Finalcutpro, Psychedelic

Whoa. Props to @mattsupinthis for this... @Regrann from @mattsupinthis - Basimilus Iteritas 5U ft. @tomhallsonics and paulmabury #drums #drummer #drumming #collab #logicpro #producer #producing #music #musician #musicvideo #psychedelic #electronicmusic #e - Instagram

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Basimilusiterit, Electronicmusic, Losangelesmusic, Noiseengineerin, Modularsynth

Thanks @tomhallsonics for the help and advice on this one! @Regrann from @tomhallsonics - bending time & space on the new Basimilus Iteritas 5U// I've had the pleasure of testing this the past few months, great to have this versatile module in my 5U/Mu - Instagram

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Basimilusiterit, Noiseengineerin, Modularsynth, Knobcon2017, Synthesizer

@Regrann from @tomhallsonics - the cats out of the bag // my friends at @noiseeng first step into the famous MU/5U format with the monstrous Basimilus Iteritas, go check it out this weekend if you're at Knobcon (note: this is a prototype ver.)- ..#noi - Instagram

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Noiseengineerin, Modularbeats, Modularsynth, Eurorack, Thankyou

He likes it! Thanks to @rodent516 for valuable feedback during test that led to the Variatic Multium! @Regrann from @rodent516 - So stoked to see our ideas actualized!! This one has been a long time coming!!THANK YOU STEPHEN!! YOU RULE!! @noiseeng The new - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Prototype, Eurorack

Tom visited tonight and got a look at some NE history. Check out his feed for more. @Regrann from @tomhallsonics - Getting a peek at o.g. @noiseeng -- 1st ever module prototype & Board Weevil ..#modularsynth #eurorack #synth #synthesizer #prototype #elect - Instagram

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