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Modularsynthesi, Modularaddict, Modularsynth, Eurorackdiy, Knobcon2017

Our demo rig is back from #knobcon2017 and waiting to be patched! Stop by the shop to get some hands on experience with the DIY projects that are on your wish list! #synthdiy #eurorack #eurorackdiy #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #patchcables #modularad - Instagram

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Befacorampage, Modularaddict, Befaco, Sdiy

Fresh build of the week! A very straight forward and well documented #sdiy kit by @befacosynth . The #befacorampage is a dual Rise Fall Function Generator that is a utility knife of a module! Check it out on the @modularaddict website!! #modularaddict #be - Instagram

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Modularaddict, Midiboxseqv4, Midiboxsid, Chipmusic, Synthdiy

We told you there was more coming, and this is just the start...but a big start: Excited to be able to announce that with the permission of TK, and with the full cooperation of SmashTV / Tim Ellis - we're now stocking the MIDIbox/ ecosystem! Mo - Instagram

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