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Eurorack Synth Modular Mdlrcase Eurorackcase Modularsynth Shippingworldwi Eurorackmodular Dutchdesign Studio
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I build eurorack cases, portable eurorackcases and custom eurorack cases. All cases shipping worldwide.
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Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, Eurorack, Mdlrcase New freshly build 6U/112HP portable case, including adjustable feet to adjust playing angle. Shipping worldwide. Price is included VAT, if you live outside EU or have a legal EU VAT ID price is 609 #eurorack #modularsynth #eurorackcase #mdlrcase - Instagram
Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, Eurorack, Mdlrcase, Studio Available from stock!!!! Yes, you hear it right:) New and freshly build 2 x 12U/112HP Portable/studio case unpowered. It's a left and right version so you could make a big system out of it. Available as standalone or as a set. Of course, I can build a p - Instagram
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