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New sexy sonic seducers delivered today! A Synthetic Sound Labs VCO and Envelope/VCA plus an @intellijel SpringRay, all from the lovely folks at @noisebug Also a sweet Caroline Guitar Company Meteore reverb pedal! #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #5um - Instagram

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These DC power connector covers are great for unused connectors on guitar pedal power supplies, especially when there are multiple voltages that might harm a pedal if accidentally plugged into the wrong socket! I got them from Video Products Inc www.vpi.u - Instagram

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Effectspedals, Guitarpedals, Modularcase

Makes me really sad to disassemble the mixer/pedal side of this 5U modular case since since I put a lot of thought, work, and money into it and I think I did a nice job of it if I do say so myself! But, it was designed to be a permanent setup but over t - Instagram

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Thank you for making the Drone Thing the most popular pedal in our line up! We just sold #1000 and we couldn't be happier. But some of our other pedals are getting jealous. They just can't handle all the attention the Drone Thing is getting. So we've deci - Instagram

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There's a Guitardammerung buried in all this loveliness! #Repost @noisepedals (@get_repost)Need to consolidate the live pedal board. #pedalnerds #pedalboard #knowyourtone #pedalboardoftheday #pedalgeeks #homestudio #musicproducer #guitarpedals #boutiquepe - Instagram

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