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DU @ivanov_sound - Teratoma out now!!! @glitchmachines - For our 12 Year Anniversary, we teamed up with Detroit Underground Records to bring you this special FREE download: TERATOMA #detroitundergro - Instagram

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#Repost @sunshine_jones_PLAYING MY SHIFTING HEART////////////////////////////////////////Oh yeah, one more thing before I move on here, since the @intellijel Shifty is a one cv/gate source in, and four outputs, it' - Instagram

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Synthesizer, Intellijel, Eurorack, Explore, Modular

#Repost @sunshine_jones_SHIFTY ME GENTLY////////////////////////////////Here is another example of the @intellijel Shifty note hocketing between three independent voices. Hocketing is a medieval musical concept where a melo - Instagram

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Nice use of the underappreciated #integrafunkitus @Regrann from @tobyjpitman - Random beats with the @noiseeng Integra Funkitus. DPO BIA and Telharmonic. Kick from MI Peaks. :) #modularsynth #makenoise #eurorack #eurorackmodular #beats #studio - #regrann - Instagram

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Moogmother32, Eurorack, Modular, Picovco, Vco

On today's menu: testing our new Pico MScale module. It makes a friendship between the Pico VCO (and other VCOs & sequencers with 0 to +10V for 1V/Oct) and the Moog Mother 32 (and other mates with -5 to +5V for 1 V/Oct) much stronger! #modular #eurorack - Instagram

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