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Repost @sunshine_jones_ MUTAMIX AS A 0-5v STEP SEQUENCER//////////////////////////////////////////////Let's use the @intellijel mutamix mixer module as a step sequencer!1. Set the jumper on the back of the module to the upper two pins (0-5v)2. Establish 6 presets:1 - ch 2-6 muted (hold save, press slot 1)2 - ch 1, 3-6 muted (hold save, press slot 2)3 - ch 1-2, 4-6 muted (hold save, press slot 3)4 - ch 1-3, 5-6 muted (hold save, press slot 4)5 - ch 1-4, 6 muted (hold save, press slot 5)6 - ch 1-5 muted (hold save, press slot 6)3. Switch to XMODE settings:Hold mute 1 until the green light goes on. 4. Connect output from sub out A to cv 1v/oct input5. Connect clock to multi and bring 1 clock to the CLK input of the mutamixUse a mult of the clock to act as a gate for an envelope (or envelopes)6. Set the sliders to the desired pitches.7. Play and Enjoy!EXTRA FUN:Send LFO to direction and/or restart and/or random and get stranger, or perhaps more interesting results. Intellijel mutamix stepsequencer xmode party eurorack modularsynth

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