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Guitarpedalboar, Effectspedals, Pedalboard, Diy

My vertical spanner plates work well on my @pedaltrain Novo 24, the pedal is nice and solid feeling. The cabling is a puzzle nightmare though. I probably should have bought those fancy low profile non-solder plugs and cable but I consider this to be a te - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Electricguitar, Effectspedals, Finalcutpro, Psychedelic

Whoa. Props to @mattsupinthis for this... @Regrann from @mattsupinthis - Basimilus Iteritas 5U ft. @tomhallsonics and paulmabury #drums #drummer #drumming #collab #logicpro #producer #producing #music #musician #musicvideo #psychedelic #electronicmusic #e - Instagram

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Effectspedals, Guitarpedals, Modularcase

Makes me really sad to disassemble the mixer/pedal side of this 5U modular case since since I put a lot of thought, work, and money into it and I think I did a nice job of it if I do say so myself! But, it was designed to be a permanent setup but over t - Instagram

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