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DivKid is the grubby, undernourished and overly critical, Bi-Polar offspring of producers Ben Wilson & Andrew Illingworth
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Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY Intellijel - Rainmaker Random Textures - Youtube
Plenty more to come with the Intellijel Rainmaker but I just wanted to show how cool it is creating random textures by just randomising all functions with an encoder press. You can let the audio buffer chain across the FX to create distant smeared sound beds or clear it and start fresh each time. Loads of sound exploration.
Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY Erica Synths - MIDI-Clock - Youtube
Here's a new and super useful module from Erica Synths. Erica Synths are on fire at the minute and the new MIDI to clock or clock to MIDI "MIDI-Clock" is great. It's 6HP and takes clock in and spits MIDI out or takes MIDI clock in and spits analogue/modular clock out. Which ever way you work you get PPQ settings, a divided output and two multiplied outputs. All really quick with switches and a play/pause button too. Nice integration of MIDI clocked gear in both directions.
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