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Detroitundergou, Experimental, Detund, Idm
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DU @saskiatokyo Bandcamp EP cat# DU-BNKA3 Photo by @shiman_ EPFANTASIA saskiatokyo is a person from a small island and she expresses her thoughts by electronic materials and her voice. In the first EP "FANTASIA", She talks about a place where we believe it's wonderful but where is as impalpable as a dream. Songs ask you the view you see is a truth or not. a.k.a FOODMANyolabmir/a/o/x At this time, she collaborates with producers who are active in Japanese underground scene; FOODMAN, yolabmi and r/a/o/x. You can meet some unique music made in Japan. Enjoy!creditsreleased October 12, 2017 W+P by / Mastered YAPORIGAMI at: Artwork by @ultrabianka detund detroitundergound idm experimental

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