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Electronicmusic, Modularsynth, Eurorack, Contour, Roboto

Hoppin with @qubitelectronix's #Contour and EON with some @synthrotek #Roboto at the end -- prepping for tonight's performance at Grand View Market in #Venice. [Event details in earlier post.] If you're interested in #modularsynth, hear some great perform - Instagram

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Electronicmusic, Qubitelectronix, Ambientmusic, Modularsynth, Synthesizer

Envelopes are like VCAs - already in love w/ the Qu-Bit Contour --- its modulating Elements, Uscale, Clouds and more w/ internally linked EGsn.n.n#modularsynth #eurorack #qubitelectronix #qubit #synth #synthesizer #electronicmusic #contour #ambientmu - Instagram

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Modularsynth, Synthesizer, Eurorack, Contour, Modular

The origins of the @qubitelectronix Contour may never be known, but I do know that we lowly humans are free to yield it's super quad envelope generating powers! Congrats on another sick module guys! Patch generated by the Qu-Bit Chord. #qubit #contour #e - Instagram

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