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Carolineguitarc, Carolinemeteore, Mellotronfactor, Tcelectronicalt, Walrusaudiojuli

Some quick playtime with my @mellotronfactory M4000D Micro through a thick soup of effects pedals to warm me up on this chilly morning. #mellotron #mellotronmicro #mellotronfactory #carolineguitarco #carolineguitarcompany #carolinemeteore #walrusaudio #w - Instagram

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Carolineguitarc, Eurorackmodular, Modularsynthesi, Syntheticsoundl, Guitarpedals

New sexy sonic seducers delivered today! A Synthetic Sound Labs VCO and Envelope/VCA plus an @intellijel SpringRay, all from the lovely folks at @noisebug Also a sweet Caroline Guitar Company Meteore reverb pedal! #modularsynth #modularsynthesizer #5um - Instagram

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