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Eurorack synth modules, cases, and accessories.

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BlackMarketColo, ModularSynthesi, ColourPalette, ModularSynth, ZVEXFuzzolo

Putting together a performance demo vid of this beast! @zvexeffects Fuzzolo ColourCV for the Colour Palette! Gnarly fuzz for your eurorack system! #ZVEX #Fuzzolo #ZVEXFuzzolo #ColourCV #ColourPalette #BlackMarketColourPalette #Eurorack #Modular #ModularSy - Instagram

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Zvexfuzzfactory, Zvexinstantlofi, Modularsynth, Handpainted, Eurorack

@zvexeffects knows how much modular users love some custom panels so just like with their pedals they'll be offering custom hand painted art for their two new modules the Fuzz Factory and Instant Lo-Fi Junky! Here's a couple examples. Both modules current - Instagram

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Black Market Modular patch cables now available at @analoguehaven! #Repost @analoguehavenbig shipment of black market modular cables have landed! every color, every size! these are the original kink free cables, not like them other copy cats out there... - Instagram

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BlackMarketModu, Eurorackmodular, ModularMarketpl, Modularsynth, Moogfest2016

Put some special patch cable/ Monomult variety packs together for @moogfest! Come find us at the Modular Marketplace to get in on this deal while supplies last! #moogfest #moogfest2016 #ModularMarketplace #BlackMarketModular #eurorackmodular #modular #mo - Instagram

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Almbusycircuits, Blackmarketmodu, Eurorackmodular, Flightofharmony, Modularmarketpl

Getting the rig packed up and ready for @moogfest! We'll be at the Modular Marketplace showing off Colour Palettes and the new @zvexeffects modules! Who else is going? #moogfest #eurorackmodular #modular #modularsynth #colourpalette #colourcv #zvex #black - Instagram

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