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We are small community driven company of music and synth enthusiasts from Brno Czech Republic
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Modular Synth, Eurorack, 500 Series, Buchla, CV, SDIY softPop - psychedelic analog noise creature - Youtube
Bastlinstrument, Thirdwavecoffee, Filteredcoffee, Kabinetholicu, Nonarecords This is our fresh coffee spot in Brno called KOFFEIN where you get awesome espresso or filtered coffee while playing cassettes from Nona Records or playing modular synth. you find it on Panska 13, Brno, CZ #koffein #brno #thirdwavecoffee #esspresso #filte - Instagram
Extrememodularn, Throatsinging, Modularsynth, Perfectpitch, Randomsource finally analog frequency multiplication combo in my rack A-196 PLL + /N COM . together generating harmonic series for the sequenced bass tone #pll #extrememodularnerdism #perfectpitch #throatsinging #eurorack #fujara #modularsynth #doepfer #randomsourc - Instagram
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