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We are small community driven company of music and synth enthusiasts from Brno Czech Republic

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Bastlcoffee, Koffeinbrno, Bastlcrew, Roasting, Bastlhq

scientificaly analysing our coffee roasting process and we feel really confident now so you can expect our natural ethiopia roast in the webshop very soon! #rello #coffee #koffein #koffeinbrno #roasting #bastlcoffee #bastlhq #bastlcrew - Instagram

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Bastlinstrument, Sonicpotionslxr, Lxrdrumsynth, Bastlcrew, Yamahadx7

60knobs is a dedicated controller for LXR drummachine but also very flexible MIDI controller that even speaks to DX7 type synths! developed fully within the community of people at Bastl #bastlcrew #60knobs #lxrdrumsynth #sonicpotionslxr #bastl #dx7 #yama - Instagram

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Laserbros, Bastl

today evening from 18h in Berlin at @spektrum_berlin the #bastl designers @casperelectronics Peter Edwards and Vaclav Pelousek will talk about their inventions. Also Bernhard Rasinger #laserbros will explain how to make shapes with modular synth and oscil - Instagram

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Casperelectroni, Goingtoeatpizza, Fidgetspinner, Goingtoibiza, Bastlcrew

roadtrip to slovenia to pifcamp! peter edwards got a fidget spinner for his birthday today and already spinning like a pro! #fidgetspinner #birthday @casperelectronics #casperelectronics #bastl #pifcamp @malinsek #goingtoibiza #goingtoeatpizza #ljudmila # - Instagram

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