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I decided it would be a grand idea to demonstrate the vcNOIZ module I am currently designing, so I patched up some sounds with it in my modular synthesizer and hit record. This is an unedited clip. A touch of delay was added, otherwise, it's straight out of the modular!

I am using a keyboard for voltage control of the oscillators and noise generator.

The vcNOIZ circuit is a discrete logic-based voltage-controllable noise generator that has a very unique, almost retro sound. The pitch is able to be controlled by LFOs and other voltage sources, as you can hear in this demo. It has two sub-octave outputs as well as clock output and input, making it a great source of random gates as well. It can also serve as a voltage controllable clock for your system.

Like I said, it is entirely discrete logic based. THERE ARE NO MICROCONTROLLERS USED IN THIS DESIGN, so, you don't have any annoying aliasing on the CV response.

I will have PCBs available for sale so you can build one, too. I will likely also be selling modules at some point soon.

For more info, or to buy a circuit board/module when they are out, check out

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