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DU @mrdataline - Be There / detundltd26 We welcome the @weareelektron wizard Dataline to our roster with this brilliant album. Elusive melodies, slow breaks, lush pads, modern electro and nineties trance flavours all in one 12 song pack. Cenk Sayinli is the official Elektron demostrator, and works in the swedish musical instrument manufacturer full time, also helping in the development of new products. Release starts with Absent : lush harmonic pads, filtered breaks and dreamy melodies on a slow tempo number. Millions of things follows, fat twisted bassline, spacious grooves and random melody hooks topped with nice female vocal action. SopmylO begins with arpeggiated synths and flanged electro beats until more layers of rhythm appear and the arpeggios grow effect wise. Get real is made with soft pads and drones, filtered breaks and scifi processed vocals, again at slow tempos. Take one only again uses melodic workout and broken beats, reminding the good old Boards of Canada records and nineties IDM. Sea Drive is a slowed down acid tune, with several layers of 303 like sequences, a relentless 4/4 groove spiced with glitches and reverb washouts. Unperceived relies again on sweep pads and analogue synth twists until a grooved portamento bassline owns the groove. Micro stabs and more percussive layers are added on the way until beautiful synthesized action fills the equation with melodies. Orange Party makes acid lines floaty and liquid with the help of stereo panned drums and an amazing reverberation treatment while Deserve goes into danceable territories with vocals, melodies and a continuous beat. How high makes number 10 using 303ish lines one more time, spoken word vocals and micro electro rhythms. Desperation leaves the beauty aside and goes deep into distortion and texture until Banned closes the release in a minimal approach.An album to be listened on one take, full of details, telling a story without baroque overproduction, dynamic, beautiful and with an old school flavour in a good way. techno elektron machinedrum rytm octatrack detund detroitunderground acid techno

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