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Detroitundergro, Machinedrum, Octatrack, Elektron, Detund

DU @mrdataline - Be There / detundltd26 We welcome the @weareelektron wizard Dataline to our roster with this brilliant album. Elusive melodies, slow breaks, lush pads, modern electro and nineties trance flav - Instagram

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Analogdelay, Mf104m

We were just told by Moog Music Inc. that theyre able to produce a very small quantity of their much loved MF-104M Analog Delay Moogerfooger, due by the end of this October. So... if you're looking for one we've opened up preorders, first come first serve - Instagram

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Eurorackmodular, Modularsynthesi, Eurorackcase, Modularsynth, Powersupply

OK, finally "done" with the power mods to my eurorack briefcase. I'll need to revisit it at some point because the underside needs to be better insulated and I couldn't get the lasting two screws to tighten down but I couldn't take the aggravation any - Instagram

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